Missing Joe

It’s been two years three months since my Joe has been gone. I started this blog thinking I would be able to put my thoughts down and try and make sense of it all. Well I haven’t written and I haven’t made sense of it all.

What prompted me to write today was hearing that another family has joined our masses. Their son took his own life this morning. Such heartache and such pain they will endure. They buried their grandchild a year ago from cancer and now this.

I read other blog posts and am greatly encouraged and I know I am not alone on this path. I know that the Lord Jesus carries me. I struggle to stay close and to keep eternity first in my mind.

I am trying to volunteer and help others, but even that brings more sorrow. We live in a sheltered world where others are doing without and we have plenty. I can’t even imagine living without.

My thoughts aren’t making sense so I’ll close this post and write more later.

I miss my son so much.